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To track your order, enter your order number and email address:

To track your order, please enter the tracking number you received in the shipping confirmation email

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Track the Status of Your Shipment

Enter your tracking number below, click the Track button, and select one of the following options for the latest tracking updates. None of our shipments require a signature upon delivery. Your package will be left where it’s safe to do so. We will attempt to deliver your package to your mailbox.

  • If your order has an FR suffix (LKxxxxxxxxxFR), please track it directly on the Asendia website. It will appear on the USPS website only when it arrives in the US. Packages shipped via Asendia pass through US Customs easily. However, they may not have real-time tracking updates. The standard route for this shipping option is Singapore to the USA via a sorting hub in France.
  • If your order has an EA suffix (RRxxxxxxxxxAE), please track it directly on the 17Track website;
  • If your order is to the USA, check USPS Tracking first (LKxxxxxxxxxFR, LPxxxxxxxxxIN, RRxxxxxxxxxAE, or LTxxxxxxxxxSG). 
  • If your order has an SG suffix (LPxxxxxxxxxSG), please track it directly on the SingPost website;
  • If your order has an IN suffix (EAxxxxxxxxxIN or RMxxxxxxxxxIN), please track it directly on the India Post website. If your order is to the UK, check Royal Mail first;
  • If your order has an CH suffix (LPxxxxxxxxxCH), please track it directly on the Swiss Post website;
  • Once your order is in-country, please use your local governmental postal service for the best tracking updates. Additionally, you can track all of your shipments at 17Track.

Some Common Shipment Tracking Issues

Tracking Information Unavailable

Your order information may not appear in the international tracking system until your parcel arrives at its destination country. In many cases, when packages are en route to its destination country you will see the message “Pending” or “Tracking does not exist.” Please allow 5 to 7 business days after receiving your shipping confirmation email to see an updated tracking status. Once your parcel is recognized in the tracking system, you will receive a tracking notification email from us to alert you that your tracking number is live. This typically occurs 48 to 72 hours after placing your order.

Delivery Attempted or Delivery Failed

If you see a failed delivery attempt in your tracking information, please contact your local postal service provider (e.g. USPS, Royal Mail, Australia Post) via phone or website to arrange for delivery. Your local postal service will provide progress details and instruct on how to collect your package, including arranging redelivery or pick up at your local post office. If your package remains unclaimed for 5 days, it may be returned to the sender. If you need assistance in recovering your order, please contact our customer support team.

How Your Package Looks During Shipment

We take discretion and privacy seriously here at All modafinil orders are shipped ultra-fast in plain, discreet packaging such as a plain box or padded envelope. A customs declaration is attached to all parcels providing essential information to customs authorities about the goods being imported. The law requires all imported goods to include a customs declaration, however, we keep your privacy in mind and label all declarations as health supplements. In case your package does not clear customs, we will send you a reshipment free of charge.

Receiving Your Tracking Number

Within 1 to 3 business days of placing an order, you will receive your tracking number via email. However, it takes some time for your tracking information to become available. Once your package arrives at its destination country, you will be able to view tracking details.

Tracking Updates

When tracking details become available, we will send you tracking notifications via email to update you on the status of your delivery. In the unlikely event your package becomes stuck in customs for over 7 business days, please contact us for a complimentary replacement.

The Customs Clearance Process

When importing goods from another country, your parcel must undergo customs clearance as a necessary procedure for all goods crossing borders. Processing times vary and if there is a delay, it may take up to 7 business days before your parcel is released for delivery.

How to Track Your Order

We make tracking your order easy! After completing your order, we will send you a confirmation email followed by an email including your tracking number. If you do not receive our email containing your order and tracking information in your inbox, check your ‘SPAM’ folder. If you still cannot find emails detailing your order, please contact us.

How to View Detailed Tracking Updates

Whether your order shipped from our warehouse in India or Singapore, you can always trace full tracking details of your order by visiting your local postal service website. Enter your tracking number into your local postal services search option to view detailed tracking updates. Typically, tracking updates become available locally when your package arrives at its destination country.

The entire process was very simple and timely. Order tracking and shipping is one of the best that I've encountered in my years of experience as there were no delays and it came within the specified time range. In addition to the easy ordering process, the free sample is a nice touch.
Why Afinil Is the Best Vendor
Harry M.
Delivery on time (even earlier than expected), really good tracking system, and good customer service. I will definitely buy again! Unfortunately, I think I'm a non-responder (I'm also a non-responder to caffeine and caffeine products, THC), so if anyone has any tricks, please let me know.
Very Good Website to Buy
Emanuele M.

Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

All modafinil orders shipped by Afinil pharmacy are protected with a 100% delivery guarantee to the United States, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We now ship from Singapore and India using the fastest shipping option available, Express Mail Service (EMS). EMS requires a signature at delivery while Registered Airmail is slightly slower but eliminates the need for signature at delivery.

Google Ranks This E-Pharmacy as Excellent

Because we rank as excellent by Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, our Afinil e-Pharmacy is considered a trusted and reputable source for all of your modafinil shopping needs. The following text makes our ranking even better.

Upon confirmation of payment and shipment of the order, your tracking number will be sent to you via email or SMS. This might take place within 48-72 hours.

However, if after this time you do not receive your tracking details in your “INBOX,” kindly check your “SPAM” messages. Get back to us if you don’t find it.

After receiving your tracking number, you may check your shipping status by the following process:

  • visit the USPS website, if you’re in the US, or if outside the USA, order tracking page worldwide;
  • key in the tracking number provided you;
  • click the Track button to view the result.

It is worth noting that tracking numbers only become active after the package gets into the destination country. What’s more, only orders shipped through the Express Mail Service (EMS) are trackable. Thus, tracking information is not sent for orders shipped via Registered Airmail (in a format such as RMXXXXXXXXXIN, and no signature is required upon delivery.

Shipping Time

The shipping time may vary depending on the shipping method used, location, the customs criteria of the country, and the quantity being shipped.

Under normal circumstances, orders to the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand usually take 7-12 business days via EMS. However, those sent via Airmail usually take 10-18 days. To other countries of the world, the shipping time varies for both EMS and Registered Airmail. While the former may take any time from 10 to 21 days, the later takes 10 to 30 days.

The customs criteria of the country shipped to is also a factor. Customs clearance is normal, and it usually takes 1 to 2 days for products crossing one country’s border to the other. However, under certain circumstances, especially to those outside the US, the UK, New Zealand, and Australia, clearance may take longer than normal; sometimes, up to 7 business days. This can cause a delay in shipping time.

However, this is no cause for alarm. We usually track all orders, and in the unlikely event that they get delayed at customs for more than 2 weeks, we reship them. We can also provide a full refund, depending on what you prefer.

Lastly, bulk orders (up to 500 tablets) may take a little more time than usual time to get delivered. This is because of the precaution we observe to ensure that they get across the borders and to your specified address. Bulk packages attract the attention of customs officials very often. So, to avoid drawing unnecessary attention, we usually split the package up into smaller sizes of say, 300 tabs each, and ship them 3 to 5 days apart. This way, they’re more likely to go through unnoticed.

Common Tracking Issues

In certain situations, things may not go as planned as regards tracking. However, its never much of a problem, nor something we can’t solve. The two common issues with tracking are not being able to track your package, and getting a failed delivery attempt.

Tracking Does Not Exist

You may enter your tracking number in the box provided only to get the message that reads thus, “Tracking does not exist,” or “Pending.” This is no cause for alarm. If such a message is received, it means that the shipped product is yet to enter your country. The tracking number only becomes live, when the package enters the destination country. It usually takes 5 to 7 days for tracking numbers to be activated. Check your email while you wait as we send notifications when tracking numbers go live.

Failed Delivery Attempt

If you get this prompt upon entering your tracking number into the area provided, you may have to visit your local postal service provider’s website. Try to ascertain the progress of your delivery and make a delivery arrangement. Either you pick up the item at the office, or arrange for delivery.

Feel free to ask us any questions you have, as well as report any issues or difficulties you encounter.

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