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Privacy Policy (“Privacy Statement”)

How We Handle Your Information

Information plays a huge role in determining the quality of the services we render on this store. To serve you well, we take basic data that helps us understand your browsing pattern and preferences. With this, we’re able to make you have a better and better surfing experience each time you visit.

The information we collect includes your home address, your name, and your email address. We collect this information when you buy products from our store to know you better, as well as for shipping purposes. We also collect the IP (internet protocol) address of your computer, if the web browser you’re using permits us. This then allows us to customize your web pages, so they adapt to your device for every session.

With your permission, we may use your email for promotional purposes, if applicable. We often notify customers who opt-in with information about price slashes, new products that may be of interest to you, as well as updates on changes on our site.

How We Get Your Consent

Before checking any products out of our store, you will be required to provide all the essential information we previously stated. You will also need to verify your credit card and confirm your billing address. This will enable us to make proper arrangements for the smooth delivery of your products as well as to conduct a successful returning purchase. However, while these are vital steps that should be undertaken, you may not be able to complete a transaction without giving your consent. Thus, providing this information means that you give us your consent to use it for only the reasons we have stated.

For secondary purposes that may involve marketing, we seek consent by either providing you with an opportunity to deny us the permission to carry out the information which will be clearly stated, or ask you directly for your consent.


While we will not disclose your provided information to a third-party without your consent, under the circumstances relating to the law, we might. For instance, if you violate our Terms of Service or the law requires us to disclose your information in order to carry out necessary actions based on actions you may have taken, we may do so.


Our store is hosted on WordPress Inc. WordPress is a third-party platform that provides us with all the necessary e-сommerce tools we need to provide our customers with all that they need for a smooth and seamless transaction. Among one of the services WordPress provides us includes a database for storing all our information. Thus, every data you provide us with is stored securely on their server, which is protected by a secure firewall.

Third-Party Services

Apart from WordPress, we work with other third-party service providers to offer you the best shopping experience possible. Payment gateways, as well as other payment transaction processors, are other third-party services we employ.

As regards your information, third-party service providers will only collect and utilize data allowable based on the extent necessary to carry out their stipulated service. They may receive nothing beyond what your consent allows.

However, it is worth noting that third-party service providers such as WordPress, payment gateways, and other transaction facilitating service providers have their policies. Therefore, it is advisable to find the time to go through their policies in order to learn and understand the extent to which they use the information we provide them to handle your transactions. Reading carefully through their policies will also help you know how they approach your personal data based on how you interact with our store.

It is also in your interest to know that some of the third-party providers whose services we employ (especially the payment transaction processors) may be located in a location different than ours, or yours. This implies that they may invariably be under a different jurisdiction, and thus will handle your information in accordance with the laws of that jurisdiction where they are located. Therefore, if you decide to move forward with a transaction on our store and give consent, you do so being aware of this eventuality.

To further clarify what has been said, we make an example using a client of ours located in Spain carrying out a transaction that is handled by a payment processing service provider located in the US. If such a transaction (buying a product) takes place, the client’s personal information collected from us by the payment transaction processor will be subject to the US laws, including the Patriot Act regarding how data is handled there.

Furthermore, we are not responsible for privacy practices or policies held on other sites. Thus, if a link on our website redirects you to another website or application, every activity which goes on there is not subject to our store’s Terms of Service or Policy. It is, therefore, advisable to read the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service that governs that particular site.


To protect your personal information as well as data that may result from your interaction with our site, we take all necessary precautions in line with the best industry-standard practices. We do our possible best to make sure your data never gets disclosed, lost, misused, destroyed, accessed, or altered.

As regards your credit card information, it is protected during transmission over the internet with a secure socket layer technology (SSL) encryption and stored with AES-256 encryption. While there is no 100% safe mode of data transmission over the internet that can be guaranteed, payment processing service providers, as well as browsers, regularly update security patches to block any loopholes. We keep up and follow all necessary protection measures, including meeting all PCI-DSS requirements to protect user information.


Cookies are created each time you visit our website. We use them to store little information about your browsing session regarding your interaction with our site. They help our website recall your preferences so that each time you visit, you can pick up from wherever you left off. For instance, they can save your login information and billing address for you, so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you visit and attempt to check products out.

Here is a list of the cookies our website collects from your browser for your consideration. You will be notified about our cookies, and you may decide whether to opt-in or not.

  • _secure_session_id;
  • _visit. This cookie helps us keep track of the number of visits to our site. It is used by a service that has an internal statistics tracker;
  • Cart, unique token. This one stores information about products you add to your cart on our store, for check out purposes. It remains persistent for two weeks;
  • _session_id, unique token, sessional. This cookie tracks your browsing session on our site and allows WordPress to store information about it;
  • storefront_digest. This is a unique token that helps us determine if each visitor on our store has login access;
  • _uniq. As the name implies, this cookie helps us to track and keep count of unique visitors on our website. It generates a unique ID number for each visitor and stores it on the user’s computer with a cookie file. Thus it can determine if a visit is from a recurrent of a completely new user. This cookie remains persistent for only a single day.

If the need arises to employ and utilize other cookies apart from those listed here, we will update this list. Note that you may or may not be notified about the update. Kindly check this page frequently to stay informed about any new development or changes.

Age of Consent

By using this site or any of the services it provides, you agree to be of legal age as stipulated in your country, region, province, or state of residence. It also implies that you or anyone using it on your behalf is legally competent to buy the products we sell or interact with the services we provide. By using this site, you also agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms of Service.

Modification to This Privacy Policy

It is worth noting that we reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time we deem fit. In the event that any changes are made, they take effect immediately, from the time they are published. Those who are part of our mailing list, or who opt-in may receive notifications about any changes to this material, or to our Terms of Service. For those who may not be part of our email marketing list, we may publish banners bearing the changes at any corner of the website. They may be at the bottom of the site, the top, or any location we find suitable enough.

We may also relay such an update as pop-up messages so that you and other customers alike can stay informed about how we collect, use, or disclose information as well as the circumstances that may warrant the disclosure. Regardless, it is advisable to visit and review this page frequently, as well as other important ones, to stay informed about any modification that may take place.

At this point, it is essential to note that in the eventuality that we merge this store with any other or sell it out; ultimately, we may also transfer your information to the new owners. Your information will continue to be protected in the database behind the secure firewall, where it is stored. We do this, so we may continue to provide you with all the services and products that we do, without any interruptions.

Questions and Contact Information

While we are at the end of this Privacy Policy, it is essential to bear it in mind that we reserve the right to include, remove, alter or take down any part of this policy as we deem fit, without notifying you. We may notify you of whatever changes we carry out on this site if you previously provided us with your email and consented to our using it for communication purposes. However, we are not obligated to do so, and will not be held liable for any reason you fail to find out by reviewing this page.

Lastly, if at any point in time, you decide to access, amend, or relinquish all the personal information you provided us, you can do so by lodging a complaint. On the other hand, to seek clarification, or get more information about our pharmacy, and products or how we operate, kindly contact us through our Privacy Compliance Officer. You can do so through this email: Thank you.

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