Generic Armodafinil 150mg


Generic Armodafinil 150mg is the generic version of armodafinil – the active substance used for treating drowsiness caused by sleep disorders and improves cognitive function. HAB Pharma is a reputable company that produces this drug at an affordable price. Buy Generic Armodafinil in our pharmacy with Bitcoin payment and save 24%.

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How to Take It Correctly?

Generic Armodafinil can be taken with or without food. The daily recommended dose is a fixed 150 mg tablet; however, the time of administration may vary based on the condition to be treated. For narcolepsy or OSA, take 1 tablet early in the morning with a glass of water. For the treatment of SWSD, a pill should be taken one hour before starting the shift. Administering this drug late in the day can cause difficulty sleeping at night. Taking more than one pill within 24 hours is considered double dosing. Avoid such practice, as it can cause serious side effects. Consult a doctor before using this drug to find out what dosage and frequency of use best fit your needs.

Quick Tips
  • Take it with or without food according to a prescription, preferably in the morning time before you need to be alert.
  • Its peak plasma concentrations occur at 2–4 hours.
  • Consume this med at a fixed time each day as prescribed to maintain a consistent level in the blood.
  • It is not a perfect replacement for a good sleep routine. Try to get adequate sleep every night or every time you sleep.
  • Let your medical specialist know if you had a history of depression, mood disorder, anxiety, or mania & drug abuse.