ArmodaXL 150mg


Here is our newly developed generic version of Nuvigil; it is an in-house brand with the purest formula and active ingredient. It is manufactured by HOF Pharmaceuticals, a leading Indian company that manufactures its products in GMP-WHO-approved plants. With a 30% stronger peak effect and a 5% higher absorption rate, it is more potent and faster-acting than Waklert, another armodafinil-based drug.

Afinil is the best place to buy the pills affordably. Waklert, Armodavinil, and Artvigil are some more affordable alternatives that provide similar benefits, but they can only be taken occasionally. ArmodaXL comes packed in all-improved aluminum packaging that preserves the pills for up to 3 years.

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Wondering About Possible Side Effects?

A few people experience some side effects when they first start taking ArmodaXL. This is normal, and it arises as the body tries to adjust to the drug. The good news is that the adverse effects are typically mild, and they tend to go away without treatment and within a short while.

Below are some possible mild side effects that result from taking ArmodaXL 150 mg: headache, dizziness, runny nose, upset stomach, and nausea.

It is worth noting that ArmodaXL may also cause severe side effects if it is used incorrectly. The possible more dangerous adverse reactions include anxiety, hallucinations, depression, irregular or fast heartbeat, insomnia, and chest pain. These symptoms can become life-threatening if they are not treated. It is advisable to seek urgent medical attention if you show any of these negative reactions.

Safety Tips
Armodavinil is safe in low doses for individuals experiencing liver-related diseases. Please consult a doctor to determine the right dose for you before starting treatment with it.
Armodavinil is safe for individuals with kidney-related challenges but in low doses only. Consult a doctor to determine the right dose for you.
Armodavinil is known to interact negatively with contraceptive pills. Please consult a doctor before taking it if you’re pregnant or plan to be pregnant.
There is very little information on the effects of using Armodavinil by breastfeeding mothers. However, no negative reports have been made by moms who consume it. Monitor your infant if you take Armodavinil and are breastfeeding.
Apply caution if you must take alcohol while undergoing treatment with Waklert. Alcohol has been found to reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
The effects of Armodavinil may be unpredictable. Do not drive shortly after taking it, especially if it’s your first time and yet to know how your body responds to it.