Provigil Generic 200mg


Provigil Generic 200 mg, as the name implies, is the generic version of branded Provigilยฎ, the modafinil-based drug used for treating sleep disorders. Provigil Generic 200 mg offers the same level of effectiveness as the brand name medicine but at a fraction of the price. HAB Pharma is a reputable Indian company that manufactures this drug. You can get it from us at an affordable price.

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How to Take It Correctly?

As with every other medication, Provigil Generic 200 mg must be taken correctly to get the best out of it. Do not mix this drug with other meds without checking the tabletsโ€™ information for possible interactions. The initial dosage for most versions is 200 mg. However, the time of administration may vary depending on the condition to be treated. Take 1 tab early in the morning with or without food for the treatment of narcolepsy and OSA. On the other hand, for SWSD, take 1 tablet about 1 hour before the start of a work shift.

Note that dosage and frequency may vary depending on age, sex, or underlying health conditions. Consult a doctor before starting a work shift.

Quick Tips
  • Take it with or without food according to a prescription, preferably in the morning time before you need to be alert.
  • Its peak plasma concentrations occur at 2โ€“4 hours.
  • It may potentially be useful in treating cocaine or methamphetamine addiction & cravings.
  • It can inhibit the action of oral contraceptives & can cause the liver to metabolize hormones faster. Consult with a physician for effective contraception.
  • Let your medical specialist know if you had a history of depression, mood disorder, anxiety, or mania & drug abuse.