Provigil Generic 200mg


Provigil Generic 200 mg, as the name implies, is the generic version of branded Provigil®, the modafinil-based drug used for treating sleep disorders. Provigil Generic 200 mg offers the same level of effectiveness as the brand name medicine but at a fraction of the price. HAB Pharma is a reputable Indian company that manufactures this drug. You can get it from us at an affordable price.

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About Interactions

When mixed with some other medications, modafinil-based drugs may reduce the efficacy of either of them or increase the risk of side effects. Certain foods and alcohol are also known to interact with them in some way.

Do not take any of the following drugs while using Provigil Generic 200mg:

  • propranolol;
  • alprazolam;
  • chlordiazepoxide;
  • cyclosporine;
  • warfarin;
  • clonazepam;
  • rifamycins like rifabutin and rifampin;
  • clobazam.

Avoid taking alcohol alongside Provigil Generic 200 mg, as it may cause blackouts or other unpredictable severe complications. What’s more, besides fatty foods known to prolong modafinil’s onset of effects, no other foods have been found to interact with it.

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